My Fiction

Rhianna and the Magic Horse A novel by Amanda June Hagarty
Rhianna has spent her whole life on the run with her mother, mostly from social workers trying to put her in school, and whatever past her mom has been running from. It's always been the two of them. But now her mom has abandoned her with a grandmother she never knew she had, on a farm that is haunted by fairies, where a talking horse keeps asking her to ride. Is she going crazy, or is there something from her past that she needs to know. Follow the adventure in updates every Sunday.

Little Lacey A novel by Amanda June Hagarty
Little Lacey was transformed from bat to human, mostly, when her human mother wished at the well in the heart of the haunted Wish Wood. She is caught between being a teenage girl and the animal nature inside her. Will she give in to her baser instincts or will she be the daughter Mama wants her to be.
Little Lacey is now a complete work on Wattpad, awaiting a final edit.

Short Fiction

Clean Slate: A Novelette by Amanda June Hagarty
Who is Leland Kelley? What is he? The only thing he knows for sure is something waits for him in the darkness. An 8000 word dark science fiction story. This is a short "origin story" for a character in a book I have in development.
Also Available on Amazon and other ebook retailers for free.

Memories of Light: A post-apocalyptic of Bellingham 100 years in the Future, Chapter 5 by Amanda June Hagarty.
Read the chapters of this short science fiction serial, and read the story of how we worked together as a group and breathed life into this fun little story. The Bellingham Herald does a different genre every year and anyone can apply to be a part of it.

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