Friday, August 9, 2013

Flash Figs and Fun

     "Oooh, look at that," Hailey's eyes were wide as if she was perusing a treasure chest.

     Jim was holding a fat red tomato and a vaguely pear shaped alien fruit he said was a fig. Gifts from a client's garden.

     "That tomato is gonna make a yummy sandwich I think," said Hailey, "But what do we do with one fig?" She thought back to a recipe she had seen in one of her cook books for 'drunken' figs, but she was pretty sure that it called for more than just one.

     "Eat it," said Jim. "Haven't you ever eaten a fig?"

     "I ate a Fig Newton once," she said, scrunching her nose. "It was gross."

     He laughed.

©2013 Amanda June Hagarty

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