Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Magic is not a system, musings from my Pagan heart

Magic is not a systematic thing, from a magical person’s point of view. It is part of nature—the way things are. It is something that is both there and not there. People who can see it are often said to have the Second Sight. This is because they can both see the world with magic and the world without magic at the same time.

People on the outside are those who wish to see order and ritual in it. They want it to be something they can quantify, and understand. They see a ritual and cling to the orderliness of it. The very word “ritual” implies that these things are rigidly set out and cannot be changed. But “ritual” is simply a translation device.

Rituals are things we do to translate our need to the universe, or to translate the whispers of the universe into something our limited brains can comprehend--to merge our beings with the universe for a fleeting moment and bring back with us a sense that for just that moment we did understand it all.

But order is not as necessary to ritual as the dictionary definition might imply. Rituals do not need to be strictly adhered to for them to function, and for magic to be felt in our lives. Every ritual was birthed in chaos and spontaneity, and can return to chaos, to be re-birthed anew at any time, by anyone who sees or feels the magic of the universe all around them.

And anyone who knows magic, knows that what we want has very little to do with magical happenings. Magic is in life, in nature, in the opening of a flower bud and the rebirth of life from a single seed.

Magic is in the things that happen everyday. Not in the things that happen because we perform rituals.

©2015 Amanda June Hagarty

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