Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rhianna and the Magic Horse

My current work on Wattpad is going well now that I have committed to publishing a chapter every Sunday. I am up to 22 chapters and maybe not quite half done. Or maybe a third of the way done. We'll see how much I come up with.

I have a skeleton of a plot now. At first it was all pantsing, but I feel better when I have something to write toward. Of course things come out of the blue all the time. For example, in chapter 22 the whole mask thing came out of nowhere. And it's not like I can just let that lie now. I am going to have to weave it into the story going forward as something really significant. Anyone who says plotting takes all the fun and surprise out of writing is dead wrong.

Also, you may find a lot of cliff hangers...barn door hangers...mid-sentence hangers. But the more you complain about them the more I will write them, as my current number one fan Asha is discovering. She loves it but oh how she hates it!

But I don't just write cliffhangers to mess with Asha. I write them as a kind of anti-writer's block ointment. When I write a cliffhanger, I know exactly how the next scene is going to start (well, usually--sometimes I think of something totally spontaneous...take that pantsers!) And that makes it really easy to writer the next chapter. Because once I start typing my fingers take care of the rest.

So, if you want to check it out, read Rhianna and the Magic Horse on Wattpad. It's fantasy, fairy type stuff and has a magic horse. How can you resist?

PS - The jury is still out on what the horse is...just magic...maybe a unicorn...maybe something else. I take all input from readers and then I probably turn around and do the opposite.

PPS - Don't forget to follow me on Wattpad and vote and comment on all my chapters. I will love and adore you for it.

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